Friends of Chiltern Mt Pilot National Park

Ovens and Murray Bird Observers Club Australia



Secretary: Phillip Seely    Phone 02 60215313

President: Val Kingerlee    Phone 02 60567345


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Please arrive at the meeting place promptly.  The group will depart 10 minutes later.

Ring one of the above phone numbers if you need further details, or would like to make arrangements to meet up somewhere else.

BYO morning tea, lunch, chair, etc.  

Schedule of Outings for 2009


Feb. Sat, 7th  Wonga Wetlands, Riverina H’wy, (Howlong Road) near Albury.

                  Meet at Wetlands gateway, 3.5 km west of Albury at 4:30 pm.  

Mar. Sun, 1st   Beechworth Area

                  Meet outside Old Court House, Ford Street, Beechworth at 9:30 am.




Apr. Sat, 4th  Lake William Hovell & Paradise Falls

                  Meet in Wangaratta at The Warehouse car park, Parfitt Road at 9:30 am.

                  (On the left before crossing the Ovens River from the north.)


May. Sun, 3rd  Warby Ranges State Park

                  Meet at Wenhams picnic/camping area at 9:30 am.


Jun. Sat, 6th  Corowa Ponds Wildlife Sanctuary, and area

                  Meet at the ponds, Nixon Street off Federation Ave, at 9:30 am.


Jul. Sun, 5th  Killawarra Forest

                  Meet at the camp on Centre Road at 9:30 am.


Aug. Sat, 1st  Sugarloaf Reserve (near Springhurst)

                  Joint outing with Murray Goulburn branch.

                  Meet at Chiltern Post Office at 9:30 am.


Sep. Sun, 6th  Chiltern – Mount Pilot NP.

                  Meet at Chiltern Post Office at 9:30 am.


Oct. Sat, 3rd   Chiltern Valley Dams

                  Meet at Chiltern Post Office at 9:30 am.


Nov. Sun, 1st  Tallangatta Private Property, Hardy’s Road

                  Meet at Wodonga Council & library car park, in Hovell Street at 9:30 am.


Dec. Sat, 5th   BOCA Challenge Count, and AGM

                  Meet at car park in front of Swim centre, on Chiltern-Beechworth Road between Chiltern town centre and railway, at 9 am.


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