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Spurge Pullers Bartley's Block 08-07

On Tuesday August 21st a team of 9 Green Corps people came to the National Park to help pull the Caper Spurge at Bartley’s Block. Due to the early rains thousands of seedlings emerged and by early August they were ready for removal. This team of young people along with their leader Krista Patterson, put in a hard morning’s work removing the weed. While working on this historic site they learned about it’s history and reflected on what life was like in the late 1800’s. Friends of Chiltern had this task set down for their September meeting and they will be very appreciative of the effort of the Green Corps team. After lunch we did some nest box checking and the reward was seeing a little group of Sugar Gliders curled up asleep in the second box checked. Some plant identification was also undertaken and although the wildflowers were not yet out, quite a few interesting plants were found and identified. By the end of the day all the participants were able to identify the tree species and left with an appreciation of the importance of box-ironbark forest and its role in providing habitat for flora and fauna of both threatened and common species. From all Friends members, Thankyou.

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