Friends of Chiltern Mt Pilot National Park

New photos taken by Eileen Collins have been added to the Friends and Insects photo albums.

  1. The Take a Break walking track sign goes with the photo of Jeff Kennett opening the track in 1996. Signage on Take-a-break track 04-06


  2. Repairing a nest box on the Klotz Track Repairing Klotz Track Box 05-06


  3. A photo of the result of the revegetation site on the Rutherglen Rd which was the completed with students from StJoseph’s in 1997 Rutherglen Rd plantings in 1998


  4. The photo of Darren at the nest box shows off the volunteer vests donated by Parks Victoria Darren working hard 04-07


  5. The December 2007 Friends meeting at Honeyeater Picnic area – note the dry dam however with much regeneration happening. Christmas Tea group in dry dam 2007


  6. Golden orb spider spinning its wonderful web Orb-web Spider EC

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