Friends of Chiltern Mt Pilot National Park

The Atlas of Victorian Wildlife is to be merged into a new web-based biodiversity database called the Victorian Biodiversity Atlas (covering all plants & animal records).  This will eventually enable birdos to load and retrieve (Victorian) data on-line.

Prior to the release of the new system my colleagues in the VBA are calling for people to send in their data (in any format, but see below).

If you have ANY records of any bird (and other fauna) species, they are keen to hear from you.

For those interested in receiving recording templates please contact the VBA staff address below.

 Martin O’Brien
Wildlife Biologist – Threatened Species & Communities Section
Department of Sustainability and Environment
2/8 Nicholson St.,
East Melbourne  3002

A release of updated flora, fauna and aquatic fauna distribution data is planned for late 2009.  To ensure that any data you have collected is included in the release, we require all biodiversity data to be submitted by 20 February 2009. This will allow us time to incorporate and review this data prior to the release.

To submit fauna data an Excel data recording template is available on request.

For further instructions and assistance, please contact the Biodiversity Data Management Team.

Biodiversity Data Management Team
Phone:  03 9637 8393
Department of Sustainability and Environment
3/8 Nicholson Street (PO Box 500)


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