Chiltern Mt Pilot National Park

Proclaimed in 1997 and recently expanded, the Chiltern-Mt Pilot National Park (21,565 hectares) is located between Beechworth and Chiltern and now includes the Mt Pilot Range and Woolshed Falls.

The park protects Box-Ironbark vegetation. Rugged Mugga Ironbarks and Box trees grace the canopy of the Park. A shrub layer, many wattles and smaller flowering plants and native grasses contrast with the hard black fissured trunks of the Ironbarks. The Box and Ironbark forests once covered three million hectares, or 14% of Victoria. Today, 85% of the original forests and woodlands have been cleared, and most of the remaining fragments are degraded by timber cutting, mining or overgrazing. The Chiltern Mt Pilot National Park is an important remnant of this once widespread forest type.

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