Friends of Chiltern Mt Pilot National Park

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Biodiversity Acknowledgement Friends appreciate the generous assistance with identification and scientific naming of the more difficult species. Our thanks go to Neville Walsh, National Herbarium; Dr Ken Walker, Museum Victoria; Gary Backhouse, Orchids; and Peter Marriot and Mike Halsey for moths. Note that as fungi ID is rather complicated and most species are only partially named. […]

About the Park

Chiltern Mt Pilot National Park Proclaimed in 1997 and recently expanded, the Chiltern-Mt Pilot National Park (21,565 hectares) is located between Beechworth and Chiltern and now includes the Mt Pilot Range and Woolshed Falls. The park protects Box-Ironbark vegetation. Rugged Mugga Ironbarks and Box trees grace the canopy of the Park. A shrub layer, many […]

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Friends of Chiltern Mt Pilot National Park {rsform 4} All Correspondence and Newsletter enquiries to: Neville Bartlett, 8 Barton Drive,Baranduda, Vic 3691phone 0412399239


Joining Friends of Chiltern Mt Pilot National Park Inc There are two ways of arranging for membership of our organisation   Method 1 Fill out the online form and mail the membership fee or pay electronically {rsform 3}     Method 2 Print and Complete and mail this application Friends Of Chiltern Park Inc Membership […]

About Us

Our group, the Friends of Chiltern Mt Pilot National Park is more than 25 years old and  is dedicated to the protection and enhancement of the Park. The group consists of volunteers who undertake hands-on activities in the Park including the following Habitat restoration and enhancement – tree and shrub planting Regent Honeyeater surveys Wetland […]