Our group, the Friends of Chiltern Mt Pilot National Park is more than 25 years old and  is dedicated to the protection and enhancement of the Park.


The group consists of volunteers who undertake hands-on activities in the Park including the following

  1. Habitat restoration and enhancement – tree and shrub planting
  2. Regent Honeyeater surveys
  3. Wetland bird surveys
  4. Educational activities – ie. nature walks.
  5. Weed Control – especially caper spurge, genista species and Cootamundra wattle
  6. Erosion control – stabilising eroding watercourses
  7. Walking tracks maintenance especially from the new freeway rest area and the White Box Walking Track
  8. Various surveys including regent honeyeater, turquoise parrot, kangaroos, bats, endangered plants and wetland surveys.
  9. Establishment and maintenance of nesting boxes and nesting logs
  10. Responding to many public enquiries regarding management of natural resources

The group meets once a month in the Park. The day takes the form of a hands-on park management activity in the morning, a short meeting during lunch, and a walk in the park in the afternoon; a chance to see and hear the bird life, examine the plants, insects & fungi and view the mammals that make the Park their home. Visitors are most welcome to attend.

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