Friends of Chiltern Mt Pilot National Park

Green Corps Activities

Green Corps Supports Chiltern Mt Pilot National Park On Tuesday August 21st a team of 9 Green Corps people came to the National Park to help pull the Caper Spurge at Bartley’s Block. Due to the early rains thousands of seedlings emerged and by early August they were ready for removal. This team of young […]

Consumption Atlas

An interesting article called “The Consumption Atlas: How does your Area Rate” appeared in a recent Habitat magazine. You can access this on the ACF website and calculate your own environmental footprint! Apparently the Indigo shire’s footprint is below the state average.

Finger Flower

Chieranthera cyanea Eileen wrote on Oct 31 2007: “I caught this one this morning. I don’t think there is one of a single flower on file. it shows the five yellow “fingers’ to perfection” Access the the Biodiversity link in the main menu to see more wonderful pics of the Friends and the Park

Revegetation Guide North East catchment

Launched by the DSE The Department of Sustainability and Environment has launched Part 1 of the new Restoration and Revegetation Guide for the North East catchment area on 12th October 2007. Part 1 can be found on the DSE website under ‘What’s New” guide includes: * Introduction, background, methods etc * Native Plant List […]

Pink Bindweed

Convolvulus erubescens Eileen wrote on the 19th November 2007 “There should be nice pic of the Convolvulus erubescens in the photo album file. It’s a lovely little scrambling ground cover flowering in the hottest months. I will try and get some seed. It is looking lovely at the moment.”

Pair of Pallid Cuckoos

Here’s a pair of Pallid Cuckoos, one immature and one mature. Eileen reported on the 4th December that “I was lucky to get this youngster sitting on a sign and took the photo from the car.”