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The long dry spell continues, with the milder mornings being replaced by below zero temperatures followed by gloriously sunny days. Some rain fell in May so we went ahead with the plantings on Lot 9 and willing hands had the job done in an hour and a half. Hopefully rain will come soon and the trees will get a good start. Sean is very appreciative of the assistance and sends his thanks.

Brady’s Block Bushland Reserve was the next stop to look for flora and fauna additions to the lists and search out any remaining weeds, in particular Bridal Creeper. Only one plant of Bridal Creeper was found and sprayed, a Midge Orchid,Genoplesium sp was added to the flora list and three new birds, Little Eagle, Brown Falcon and Australian Pelican { the latter was flying over}were added to the fauna list. Christine brought along an aerial photo of the area which showed the block and the linking strips of vegetation. Time was up for working so we did not get to the Cemetery Reserve.

Cyanide Dam and Honeyeater Picnic area were the popular choices for lunch, very pleasant but very quiet if you were seeking birds. After lunch a group of us went for a walk up Bar Trail and down into the site of the old Golden Bar Mine. Ian located a Koala atop a eucalypt and at the same time a large bird flew from a nearby tree. To our amazement and delight it perched not far away and glared at us with the golden glare that only a Barking Owl can deliver. The news pleased Natasha who is working on the owls. Turquoise Parrots could be heard uttering their tinkling calls and sheer determination unearthed five birds perched in foliage preening, one being a splendid male. Hopeful of finding some Painted Button-quail we walked up the ridge and back through the bush. Plenty of little platelets but no sign of their creators. Other birds included Crested Shrike-tit, Golden Whistler, Black-chinned Honeyeater, Fuscous and Yellow-tufted Honeyaters.

Back at the dam we were joined for afternoon tea by an army of Brown Tree-creepers and Superb Fairy Wrens and ranger John who was doing the rounds.. Some visitors had seen the Regent Honeyeater earlier in the afternoon and the day before Philip recorded a lone Swift Parrot in the picnic area. Anyone wishing to see either of these species will need lots of patience and a good slice of luck. Please report them if you are lucky.

On June 1 the Bird Observers` group led by Philip went to Chiltern Valley No1 and 2 Dams. No 1 was most rewarding with 10 Black-tailed Native Hens being the highlight. Other observations included Red-kneed and Black-fronted Dotterels, Mountain Duck, White-browed Babblers and Flame Robins feeding in the lake margin vegetation, a male Rufous Whistler which had forgotten to migrate, Diamond Firetails and Whistling Kite. Thank you Philip for that report.

Park Advisory Group: Anyone wishing to apply for a position on the advisory group for the proposed new National Park is reminded that application forms are now out. Applications close on June 14. Forms are available from : DNRE or by ringing me on 57 261 484.

New Publication: The Bendigo Field Naturalists Club has published an excellent guide to the Spiders of the Box-Ironbark Region and Central Victoria. It is a small book with excellent photographs. At present I am awaiting information on the cost.

Please note: the AGM has been rescheduled to take place on AUGUST 31st. Please alter your programme.

Chilean Needle Grass: I have been informed that Indigo Shire has received a grant of $17000 to begin work on the control of Chilean Needle Grass. So far none has been recorded in the park. The vulnerable areas are the eastern entrance to Curtains Road and the northern entrance to Mt Pleasant Road, and Fishers and Ryans Road entrances. Please keep a look out for this very nasty grass which looks rather like the tall native stipa sp.

Firewood Strategy Discussion Paper is now available for public comment and submissions. Copies are available on the DNRE website at or from 136 186 for the cost of a local call. Submissions close on July 1.



Meet at Chiltern Post Office at 9.00am  Bring lunch, gloves, trowel  or mattock, secateurs, small saw.

Targetting weeds. Organiser Susie Duncan : 03 57 261 885.

Membership Renewal   Friends of Chiltern Park inc





Please find enclosed cheque/money order for $10.00 being membership for the year 2002-2003

Your membership and support is appreciated and we hope you will rejoin for the coming year. Thank you.

Mail to: Friends of Chiltern Park Membership  P.O.Box 60 CHILTERN  3683

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