Dear Friends,

We were pleased to welcome visitors from Melbourne to our August gathering. Many hands made light work of the feral plants along Pipeline Track as Cootamundra Wattles, English Broom, Cotoneaster and sundry other invaders were removed while a patch of bulbs was left to be sprayed. The Grevillea alpina plants along the open easement area showed great variety in leaf colour and robustness. In spring they will display a variety of colours through yellow to deep orange-red. Everyone enjoyed morning tea at Magenta mine and had the added pleasure of watching a pair of brilliantly coloured Spotted Pardalotes preparing to breed.

Spotted Pardalote (Male) (0071) Sm

The nest box checking was very rewarding this month. Of the ten boxes inspected seven housed gliders and one a Tuan. On Tuan Track we found an unusual black and grey huntsman spider species sheltering between some damaged signage posts. It was confirmed as Isopoda immanis .Web pic Huntsman spiders are often known as “Tarantulas or Crab spiders”, the latter name describing their sideways scuttling gait. They are nocturnal predators and often found under bark and in crevices.

Isopoda immanis Huntsman spider E Collins

It was pleasing to see that Vic-roads had finally made the flood damaged entrance to Mt Pleasant Road safe. The survey for Regent Honeyeaters and Swift Parrots took place on Saturday 4th. No Regents were found but there are still some Swift Parrots in the White Box on White Box Road. Musk, Little and Purple-crowned Lorikeets were found and the keen ears of Dean picked up a beautiful male *Scarlet Honeyeater. These tiny honeyeaters have been around all year but are never easy to find. Birds are telling us that spring is imminent, we found nesting Yellow Robins, Yellow-tufted Honeyeaters taking stringybark for nest building and lorikeets checking out hollows. Check the stunning photos of these birds

Scarlet Honeyeater Dean Ingwersen

Annual General Meeting

Saturday September 1st which happens to be National Wattle Day. Appropriately our guest speaker will be Alan Gibb whose passion is wattles. Alan will make a presentation of his travels around Victoria seeking out wattles species. Meet at the Post Office at 1.30pm for a park walk with Alan. Nibbles and dinner will be at the Senior Citiizens Rooms at 6pm and will be followed by a brief AGM and Alan’s presentation. Members please bring a dish of your choice. RSVP by TUESDAY August 28th to assist with catering.

2013 Friends Calendar

Friends are invited to submit photographs for inclusion in the calendar. They need to be in high resolution and be taken in the park in either the Chiltern or Pilot section. We expect the calendars to be ready by November 19th at the latest.

Around the park:

It would appear we now can add Wombat to the Chiltern Park list. A burrow has been found and there are diggings and droppings in various places. Wattle day is on September 1st and the park will be ablaze with the blossom so make sure you enjoy the spectacle.

From the Ranger’s Office

Culvert posts have been replaced and the roadside edges tidied up to avoid marking vehicles. New signage is in place at the Valley Dams and at Tuan Campground.

New signage Chiltern Valley No 1 Dam by Eileen Collins

New bridges have been installed along White Box Walking Track. Ongoing spraying of Bridal creeper is underway and road grading is nearing completion.

Rainfall: July 103.7 mm over 12 days. Year to date: 670.1 mm 51 over days.

NEXT MEETING: AGM : SATURDAY SEPTEMBER 1ST Meet at Chiltern Post Office at 1.30pm BYO chair, water, binocs, friend and afternoon tea. Hope you can be there to enjoy! Dinner at 6pm in the Senior Citizens Rooms. Contact in the field: Eileen 0407 486 480 or 57 261 484


A Wildflower Walkabout will be held in the Chiltern section of the Chiltern Mt Pilot National Park on Thursday September 20th from 9.30am to 12 noon. Come along and enjoy the floral display and chat with DSE, Parks Victoria and Friends of Chiltern personel. Meet at Honeyeater Picnic area. Snacks and a cuppa will be provided. RSVP by Monday 17th to or phone Wodonga 0260 437989


The 2013 calendars will cost $22 plus Victorian postage of $8.70 (includes a padded bag). NSW postage $10.70. For 2 to 3 calendars in same bag (max 3 per bag) add $4.00 Please forward your order and cheque to: Calendars, P.O. Box 60 Chiltern 3683. A limited number will be printed so order early to avoid disappointment.


Membership expires on June 30th 2012 and can be renewed by following the procedures on the membership page of the Friends of Chiltern Mt Pilot Park

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