Creatures of the Night – Spotlighting at Chiltern


You and your family are invited to attend an evening of spotlighting on Wednesday 9th of December 2009 from 8 until 10pm. This is an opportunity to see some of the nocturnal animals that live in our catchment. This event will follow on from the successful spotlighting night held in September (where we saw Squirrel Gliders in the first 10 minutes), and will provide the opportunity to explore a different location in the area.


The evening will be held in the Chiltern area and will run for approximately 2 hours. For details on the specific location and to RSVP contact Kate Hill(DSE, Wodonga) on 02 6043 7926 or 0415 088 070 by Monday 7th of December.


Wednesday 9th of December 2009 from 8 until 10pm. Please wear appropriate field clothing, long pants, enclosed foot wear, and bring a torch.

Light Supper will be provided at the end of the evening. In the event of poor weather or fire ban the evening will be cancelled.

This event is hosted by the Department of Sustainability and Department of Primary Industries as part of the Chiltern – Mt Pilot Biolink Project.

Last session we found:

* Squirrel Glider (endangered species): 3

* Brush-tailed Possum: 3

* Ring-tailed Possum 10

* White-striped Freetail Bat: 1

* Perons Tree Frog (heard)

* Plains Froglet (heard)

* Spotted Marsh Frog (heard)

* Southern Bullfrog (heard)

* Barking Owl (endangered species) (heard): 1

Kate Hill

Native Vegetation/Biodiversity Project Officer

Department of Sustainability and Environment

North East Region

PO Box 303, Wodonga, Victoria 3689

P: 02 6043 7926

M: 0415 088 070

F: 02 6043 7910


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