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Newsletter No. 2 – June 1993 .


Dear Friends,

On a perfect sunny winter morning thirty-two people attended the first Friends gathering at ‘Bartley’s’ block on June 9th. A great start! After hearing one of our members, Rex Fugerelate the history of the Bartley family, the brewery and the immediate area all hands descended on the weed, Caper Spurge. There is still some to pull, so if you have time to spare and a desire to useit productively then Caper Spurge awaits you. .


After a break for morning tea everyone enjoyed a nest box trail with Tony. Although no animals obliged us with their presence an enjoyable and informative time was had by all. After lunch a brief meeting was held. Later some people returned to the Spurge while others loaded rubbish into the trailer. A very productive first meeting. Thank you to all who participated. .



From the meeting:

1. Fund raising. Two books were offered for sale through the group. Profits going to F.C.P. It is possible that we may be permitted to sell them through Environment Centre as well.

2. Geoff Durham, co-ordinator of the state Friends of Parks groups, sent his good wishes for a successfiul day. He would appreciate an article from F.O.C. for the next state newsletter. If anyone would like to undertake the task please contact me.

3. Copies of the volunteer insurance policy were available for inspection.

4. Turquoise Parrots. Bruce Quin, of Latrobe University, undertook a study of Turquoise Parrots between 1986 and 1990. His recommendations for the management of this bird included the erection of nest logs. He proposed that the F.O.C: may wish to undertake this project. There were many expressions of interest and it was decided to accept the project.

5. Members felt they would like to meet monthly instead of every two months as suggested at the public meeting. We will now meet monthly.

6. John, our ranger, discussed ways in which Bartley’s block could be developed. One idea, which was well received, involved the establishment of an interpretive walk around the site. He also suggested some future activities. The most urgent of these we will undertake at the July outing.



Place: Cyanide dam. Time 9.00am. See your large park map for directions.

Activities: To lift plants of Tall Sedge”, Carex appressa, and replant them on some eroded ground. .

To get ideas for a short loop in the White Box Walking Track.

Possibly inspect further nest boxes. Short meeting.

Bring: Trowels, small shovels, gloves. Lunch. There is a barbecue at Cyanide Darn.


AUGUST MEETING SATURDAY AND SUNDAY 21 st & 22nd and 28th & 29th

Please note the two weekends. Any time you can give will be appreciated.

Place: Donkey Hill at the pinic spot. See attached map for directions.

Time: 9.00am.

Activity: To put in place as many nest logs as possible.

Bring; Hammer, chain-saw, ladder to reach up to 3 metres, buckets, spades, gloves

Lunch. There is a barbecue at the picnic spot.

Notes: There are about 60 logs to be placed. John Reeve has offered to put the bases in as many as possible before the day. Bruce will be with us for both wekends to supervise the task. There will be tasks for children if they wish to help. Since there is no toilet at Donkey hill please bring a little trowel to dig a hole

should the need arise.

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