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Newsletter No. 29 March 1996
Dear Friends,
On a magnificent Autumn morning we gathered at the tip reserve tree planting site to remove the guards and stakes from the 1994 Spring planting. 1500 trees were planted at this site and we managed to remove half of the guards which were stored for future use. The growth of the trees, despite the drought, has been exceptional and most rewarding. Wattles are in bud and many are almost two metres high and the eucalypts are not far behind them.
After that effort we retired to Bartle3/s block for morning tea and a chat. The Howlong Road, which runs through the park, was our target for this year’s clean up day. Although a lot of rubbish was gathered it was generally agreed that there was less than last year.
Among the “finds” were a fine specimen of dead kangaroo and the tell tale bits of the vehicle that caused its demise, and a very dead Tree Goanna which heralded its presence from some distance off! Despite the aroma we stretched it out to measure it- 1.2 metres.
Lunch was welcome at 1pm. After the meeting some of us pulled the young Caper Spurge plants at the homestead site. The trees that remain from this 1860’s garden look healthy this year. The old Persimmon trees are magnificent. John Reeve admitted that he ate many of the Mulberries on one of his Thistle destroying visits. The Quince trees are loaded with fruit. There is good regeneration of Eucalypts
on the lower areas while Golden Wattles are taking hold in the stonier parts.
From the meeting:
1. Copies of the Murray Babbler, Bush Telegraph, Friends Network Newsletter and the draft plan for Mt. Samaria State Park were passed around.
2. The draft charter of the Box Ironbark Alliance was discussed. The group had no problems with the content.
Mv. Jenny Reeve, sec. Carole Temple that friends support the Alliance.
3. The agreement from the Regent Honeyeater Recovery Team was read and discussed.
Mv. J. Reeve Sec. I.Temple that we accept the offer and the conditions. Crd.
4. A letter was drafted to Vic-roads seeking the erection of sign on the Hume Freeway immediately south of Wodonga giving travellers advance notice of the Chiltern Park Rest Area and the facilities available. Many travellers have been seen pulled up on the Freeway for meal breaks unaware that the rest area is so close. Mv. J. Reeve sec. I. Temple. Crd.
5. A suggestion was received that Friends investigate the possibility of erecting an information board at the north bound Ironbark Rest Area. This stopover area has a rich flora around it. An information board would help people to appreciate the area. Friends agreed to pursue the idea.
6. Friends Network Seminar. “Hanging on to What We’ve Got” Sunday March 24th. 9.30-4.OOpm at the Burnley Campus of the Vic. College of Agriculture. For details contact 057 261 484 or 059 831 580.
Please note that due to Easter our next meeting will be on Saturday March 30
Meet at Donkey Hill at 12.00 for lunch. Activities include working on the ripped area near Donkey Hill, removing more tree guards, afternoon walk.
6pm Tea at Magenta will be a shared Pizza [at small cost] and byo salad to share.
Come along and have an enjoyable day. All welcome.

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