Dear Friends,

A damp and showery day greeted the small band of workers for the August meeting. Weeding around the new trees at the Depot Road revegetation site and adding some Bulokes to the plantation was the main task. Buloke is an uncommon tree in the park. More Bulokes were planted in the park along Depot Road. Our thanks to Sandy Creek Farm Trees for their generous donation of the the plants.

The early warmth along with good rainfall has ensured the new plantings will get a good start. However the Capeweed is outstripping everything in growth rate and is knee high in the enclosure, hopefully Parks will spray it in the near future.

The Golden Wattle, which has been stunning this season, is fading and now it’s the turn of the Varnish Wattle to show off its colour. Among the wildflowers noted were Caladenia deformis, Bluebeard Caladenia an uncommon orchid in Chiltern; an unusual albino form of  Pterostylis nana, the Tiny Greenhood; lots of Caladenia fuscata the Dusky Caladenia which is very pale in colour; a few Diuris pardina, the Leopard Orchid, these should be abundant over the next few weeks and Buttercups which brighten the bush at this time of the year.

For birdwatchers:

September 14th was the 200th anniversary of the birth of John Gould. Born in Lyme, Dorset, England, Gould rose up first as a gardener, developed skills as a taxidermist and an interest in birds. The rest is history! His story is told in “The Bird Man, the Extraordinary Story of John Gould” by Isabella Tree. It’s a very good tale, revealing the character of the man, his persistence, lack of artistic skills, his inability to give credit to his artists and collectors and his excellent business skills.

Vale Betty Carrasco:

Friends were saddened to learn of Betty’s untimely death in a freak accident near Gundagai. Betty was a lady committed to the environment and her loss will be felt by the groups she belonged to.

Rainfall: Rainfall in August 65.4  mm over  18   days. Yearly total: 326.4   mm over 67  days.

Contributions: Anyone wishing to contribute to the newsletter please email their article to me.

Please note: This will be the final newsletter for unfinancial members.


It would be appreciated if members could bring along a small contribution to the meal to supplement the catering, salads or dessert would be  appreciated.


Meet at Chiltern Post Office at   2.00 p.m.     Leaving the P.O. at  2.10 p.m   .  A walk in the park to enjoy the wildflowers to be followed by dinner at 6pm in the Senior Citizens’ rooms in Conness Street. AGM at 7.00 p.m. Followed at 7.30pm by our guest speaker Dr Catherine Meathral who  will speak on the Great Albatross. Dr Meathral is a lecturer at Latrobe University and her speciality is seabirds.

 Organiser: N Bartlett 0260 208 632   If the weather is at all doubtful please phone the organiser to check  that the activity will go ahead.     


P.O.Box 26   CHILTERN  3683  To assist, please mark the envelope Membership.

Friends have achieved a great deal during the past year. Surveys for plants, birds and monitoring of mammal boxes, tree planting and weed control are just some of our contributions. Your support for our activities is valued and your membership renewal is vital to our cause. Membership expires on June 30th.  Thank you.

Please find enclosed my membership of  $10 for 2004-5.   The fee covers the whole family and includes 11 newsletters.


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