Dear Friends,

Overnight rain cleared for our July gathering. Another good roll up of volunteers ensured the mulching of the third enclosure was completed. Many thanks to the paper layers, weeders and shovelers for a job well done. This time we had no fence to get in the way so wheelbarrows made the task easier. When the fencing is completed all we will need to do is tidy up the edges.

This project has completely changed this once barren site and we will watch with interest, and a great deal of satisfaction, the development of the plants. A welcome sight was the demise of the rampant Capeweed following the spraying by parks staff. We are pleased to have that done as it was a task beyond our resources. Grass seed will be spread in the coming weeks.

Already birdwatchers have used the site for camping and been very happy with it and its proximity to the dam.

The halfway mark was reached at 10.30am and the compulsory halt was called for the traditional tea and bun, meeting and a chat.

By 12 noon Ranger Dave had mouth watering smells coming from the BBQ, snags, rissoles and vegieburgers and salads, something for everyone. The sun came out and lunch and conversation was enjoyed by all.
way of thanking the volunteers as part of Volunteers Week. Ranger Dave complimented the group on its dedication and commitment to the park. In presenting Certificates of Appreciation Dave said that Friends perform many extra tasks that Park Staff simply have neither the resources nor the time to accomplish. Thank you Dave for your kind words, your cooking and hosting skills and for taking over for Ranger John who was on leave.

After lunch we had a look at the Tuan Track nest boxes which were erected a couple of months ago but found no signs of use.

On the way back down the track Vicki was lucky enough to have a Yellow-footed Antechinus pose on a tree limb while she took a series of photos. One was very engaging. Well done Vicki.

Around the Park

Fungi are making the most of this weather after the long dry spell. Birds are still scarce and fairly quiet. The ground litter is now well soaked. Cemetery reserve: No nest boxes had evidence of use. However the ground flora was looking good, Midge Orchids,Genoplesium sp aff rufum,were abundant, plants of Dwarf Greenhoods, Twining Fringe-lily, Dianella, Grass Trigger-plants, lilies and sun-orchid leaves,Finger Flower and Showy Parrot-pea, Dillwynia sericea, were noted.


Just a reminder that Sean Dooley, author of “The Big Twitch” will be our guest speaker. Sean will present an illustrated talk about his great adventure. Everyone is welcome and we will have the usual dinner. Saturday August 4th is the date for your diary. Note the afternoon meeting time.


Were due at the end of June and a form is attached. Please ensure your details are correct so that you receive the newsletter.

Vale Joe Spalding

Joe died last month aged 90. Joe was a supporting member and keen birdo who along with his late wife Margo spent many hours in the park. Unfortunately in his later years his loss of mobility curtailed his activities.

 June 41.4 mm over 11 days. Yearly total: 299.8mm over 54 days. So far it has rained for the first 8 days of July. Perhaps it’s going to be the winter of our dreams.


BYO binoculars and chair and afternoon tea if you wish.

The afternoon plan is to visit Sean’s Trust For Nature covenanted block on the park boundary, bird watch, enjoy the bush vegetation and inspect Sean’s nest boxes. Jim Blackney, Trust for Nature, has a few ironbarks to plant on the block so all together there will be something for everyone to enjoy.

Dinner in the evening will be at six o’clock in the Senior Citizens Hall in Conness Street. The hall is adjacent to the Caravan Park.

Please RSVP for the dinner by July 31st to assist with catering arrangements. Members please bring a meal to share to complement the food Regina will supply.

Contact: Eileen 03 57 261 484


P.O. Box 26 CHILTERN 3683 To assist, please mark the envelope Membership.

Friends have achieved a great deal during the past year. Surveys for plants, birds and monitoring, replacing and erection of new mammal boxes, tree planting and weed control are just some of our contributions. Your support for our activities is valued and your membership renewal is vital to our cause. Membership expires on June 30th. Please ensure your contact details are current. Thank you.

Please find enclosed my membership of $10 for 2007-8 The fee covers the whole family and includes 11 newsletters.


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