The October newsletter reports on the September meeting the as well as updating on conditions in the Park – note that orders for the 2010 calendars can now be taken.

Dear Friends
A small group of us spent the morning weeding the Tuan Campsite enclosures in very light rain. Enclosure one is fully weeded and a few wattles have been pruned. There is a wide variety of ground flora appearing in the mulch. Guinea flowers, grevilleas, dianella with some very tall flower spikes ready to burst open and lots of seedling wattles which will most likely be Varnish Wattles. 

Enclosure two posed a more difficult job. We attacked the nasties first, capeweed, dandelion, milk thistle, cleavers and brome. At least they will not seed. Next we located and cleared around the peas. Many of these are covered with flower buds and should look lovely in the coming weeks.

In enclosure three the three Acacia doratoxylons are covered in catkin flowers. This wattle is uncommon in the Chiltern section of the park so it is pleasing to see it doing so well.
For a change of activity we planted a couple more eucalypts to replace some which had died and then extended the wire guards on the larger ones to keep the roos at bay. Last year’s spraying of the capeweed resulted in much less of it this year. It has been sprayed again this year so there will be no seed set which will further reduce the seed bank.

We decided to purchase three low square structures which will double as tables or  seats. These are multi-purpose and conform to Parks Victoria standards. Two will be placed at the campsite and one at Valley No 2 close to the bird hide. The wetland signage posts are in place and the signs will be attached in the next week or so.

Help needed: Anyone who has some time  to spare could do some weeding at the enclosures. It would be very helpful.

Around the park

The warmer days have brought changes to the park. The chocolate lilies will be at their best over the next couple of weeks. Grevilleas and the lovely yellow Wedge-peas, Karalla, Gompholobium huegelii are also at their best. Diggers Speedwell and all the everlastings are providing extra colour. Tower Hill Road is well worth a walk and All Nations Road makes a pretty drive.

Birding in the Park

Chiltern Valley No 2 Dam is providing excellent birding. Both bush birds and water birds are plentiful. Freckled Ducks have turned up, at least seven birds. Some sixty Native Hens are around the margins as are Red-kneed and Black-fronted Dotterels and Black-winged Stilts. Quite a variety of ducks and a few swans make up the wetland birds. At least four species of Woodswallows, Dusky, White-browed, Masked and White-breasted have been seen as well as Turquoise Parrot, White-bellied and Black-faced Cuckoo-shrikes, and White-winged Trillers. Quite a lot of birdwatchers have enjoyed what Valley No 2 has to offer, including a group from Sunbird Tours which visited for two days.
Bartley’s Block continues to be a good birding spot and in the coming months will be ablaze with the golden flowers of everlastings. Cyanide Dam, sadly remains dry and all other dams are below par for this time of the year.

Wildflowers and Woodlands Guided Walk & Talk around Rutherglen Racecourse

Saturday October 24 at 11am. Lunch provided. See the website for further details and map. This is a DSE event. Go to the document on our website for more information.

Rainfall for September:  60.7 mm over 12  days. Yearly total: 401.3 mm over 83 days. 
At this point in time we are not sure whether the hide will be in place. If it is we will probably work there. If not we will continue our assault on the Tuan site weeds.   BYO lunch, gloves, weeding tools, hat, sunscreen and energy.  Contact: Eileen  03 57 261 484
2010 CALENDARS Available about mid-November
This year we are taking pre-paid orders for the calendars and a limited number will be printed. If you wish to order a calendar please fill in the attached form and forward it with payment to P.O.Box 60 Chiltern 3683.
Calendar in padded bag,including postage, anywhere in Australia  $.27.50………Calendar to be collected $20

International postage and packing in small tube holding one calendar: USA $17.30  Total $37.30
U.K $20.70 Total $40.70

Please find enclosed cheque/money payable to Friends of Chiltern  for  $…………….for ………calendars.

Name: ……………………………………Address………………………………………………P/Code……….

Phone number ……………………………………………………Please NO mobiles.

Enquiries to:   or phone  03 57 261 484

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