Newsletter #228 May 2014

Dear Friends,

Once again the weather intervened to cause cancellation of our May meeting so there is little to report for May.

However the follow up rain was very welcome. All the dams and waterholes have been topped up.


Amanita species EC


Fungi are appearing everywhere.


Boletellus emodensis A Bolete EC


Autumn Greenhoods are abundant.


Autumn Greenhood Pterostylis revoluta EC



It is a good time for weed spotting too. Small patches of Bridal Creeper and Inkweed are thriving and will be targetted in a mid-week session.

It is important to catch both of these weeds before they produce masses of seed for the birds to spread.


Mid-month work at Rutherglen Reserve


In order to catch up with the work at the reserve a few of us will put in time to begin the clean-up.

If you are interested and can spare time please give me a call on 0357 261 484 and we will try to arrange a time to suit.
Mid-month nest box survey: Twenty-six nest boxes were inspected with astounding results. Five housed Tuans, the Squirrel Glider count was 6 and the Sugar Glider count 30!

The photos illustrate the variety of materials and shelters used by Tuans.

At the Rutherglen site which is close to farmland the boxes contain bits of old feed bags, sheep wool and human rubbish as well as feathers and bark.

The ones in the park are of Stringybark, feathers and fur and a few leaves.


Tuan nest in grassland reserve EC


A surprise find greeted  an excited owner on his bush block when he lifted the cover off a tall hollow concrete post, there, curled up was a Tuan.

How good are they at finding a shelter! Needless to say it did not remain there. However inspection of an adjacent pipe revealed an old nest. A nest box is needed!


Tuan in forest nest box EC


Regent Honeyeater survey weekend: May 17th and 18th.

Anywhere you find Ironbark in flower or hear Red Wattlebirds and Friarbirds calling is worth a good look.  A lone female 2010 release bird has been frequenting the  Teal Track area but it is hard to trace, a little bit of luck is required as there is no calling.


From the Ranger’s Office

Here is an update on work being undertaken in the park.

  1. Grading of key access roads in Chiltern and Pilot sections is underway.
  2. Annual Fox Baiting Program is underway during April and May
  3. No planned burning was completed due to weather.
  4. Removal of asbestos from Rutherglen Natural Features Reserve and elsewhere  in the park has been arranged and is now completed.
  5. A wild dog which was killing sheep near Eldorado has been trapped in the park by DEPI dogman.
  6. Charles Sturt Uni students have completed their annual monitoring of regeneration of Callitris following 2003 fires.


Friends Facebook Page 

Mick Webster has created a Facebook page for Friends – the site is viewable by the public but if you have a Facebook identity call by and Like the page.



Membership Renewal


Friends have achieved a great deal during the past year. Surveys for plants, birds and monitoring, maintaining and surveying  mammal boxes, tree planting, weed control and provision of interpretive signage are just some of our contributions. Your support for our activities is valued and your membership renewal is vital to our cause. Membership expires on June 30th. Membership is  $15  for 2014-15   The fee covers the whole family and includes 11 newsletters. Please ensure your contact details are current.

Click here for membership renewal details and procedure





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