Newsletter No. 24 September 1995

Dear Friends

The September meeting turned out to be a two day affair. On Saturday the Cub Scouts from Wodonga  came to plant trees in order to gain their community service badges. Seven Friends members came to assist and were kept on the run as the children planted 175 trees. The boys and their families enjoyed a picnic lunch in the park after their efforts.

On Sunday, in pleasant spring weather, eleven members planted another 200 trees. There are 500 left to plant. Anyone who has time to spare between now and the next meeting may like to plant a few trees. Some of the Wattles planted in October last year are in flower while this year’s autumn planting is putting on new growth despite the two mornings of minus 3 degrees which hit us in early September.

C.R.A. Ltd. have announced their withdrawal from exploration at Chiltern. The formal announcement from the Border Mail is printed at the end of the newsletter. Cobram Field Naturalists are scheduled to visit us for the October meeting. However at the time of printing no confirmation of the visit has been received.

Broken Creek Field.Naturalists will visit the park on Sunday October 22, meeting at Chiltern Post Office at 10am. Anyone wishing to join the group is most welcome.

Around the Park.

The wildflowers are making up for the poor showing last of year. There are carpets of tiny Pink Fingers, Caladenia carnea with sprinklings of  Blue Caladenia, C. caerulea, amongst them.  Donkey Orchids, Diuris sp are very showy.The early Greenhoods are beginning to fade although nice specimens of Maroonhoods, Nodding Greenhoods and Tiny Greenhoods may still be found in the damper spots.

Our emblem, the Waxlip orchid, Glossodia major, is plentiful. In late September  and early October the Chocolate Lilies,  Dichopogon strictus,  will be spectacular both in colour and scent.

The understorey is below its best this year since many shrubs were killed by the drought. There are many new plants emerging  promising a good show in a couple of years.

The bird life is excellent. Summer migrants, such as Wood swallows, Orioles, Cuckoos and the Square-tailed Kites are already back. I heard the first Painted Honeyeater  on September 8. After early failures the Regent Honeyeaters are nesting again. Spring should be fantastic so make sure you spend some of it in the park.

Many of the revegetation areas are showing signs of recovery. Friends are asked to spend some time dragging small branches across these areas. This will help to cover the soil and provide shelter for emerging seedlings.

Friends of the Warbys will be opening their walk track on Saturday October 14.  Chiltern Friends may wish to attend. Contact person: Joy Rosser on 057 221 947

From the Meeting:

   1. Membership increased, with four new members for August.
   2. CNR Staff will complete the Freeway walking track.
   3. The track surfacing proposed for Cyanide Dam walk will be undertaken by CNR Staff.
   4. Two new bridges have been installed on the walk and fine wire netting has been laid over these to prevent slipping. Grooves have been cut in the existing bridges for the same purpose.
   5. Conservation Project Grants for 1995/6 are now available. Our group has decided to apply for funding  to fence significant stands of remnant vegetation.  We will also apply for funds under the Promotions Grants Programme.
   6. Christine attended the roadside assessment training session held at Beechworth. We  hope to get a team together  to begin assessing the Chiltern  roadsides. Tree planting commitments prevented others from attending. A second training session will be held shortly.
   7. Genista, or Soft Broom. This wretched weed has germinated profusely in the three areas in which mature plants were sprayed last year. After consultation with Ranger John a decision was made  control the seedling growth with spray.

From the Ranger:

  1. The National Parks Service has been given the charter to identify, assess and manage bushland reserves. There are about 26 of these reserves in the old Chiltern/Rutherglen Shire. Following assessment  those with historical  or environmental value will be signposted and possibly fenced. Anyone interested in assisting with assessment please come forward.
   2. The information board for the Freeway walk will be erected in the coming weeks.
   3. Environmental weed control will be undertaken in the coming months.
   4. Records of visitor numbers for the park are being kept. If you know of a group visiting  Chiltern Park please let either John or Eileen know. It is also helpful to know what  activities are being undertaken i.e. bushwalking, horse riding, driving, picnicking, orienteering etc.




Bring  lunch, gloves, trowel and whatever else you need to make your day enjoyable.

 A financial membership list  accompanies this newsletter. Please check your details. If they are incorrect or have changed please let me know.

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