Friends of Chiltern Mt Pilot NP Newsletter #318 July 2022


President : Neville Bartlett  Ph: 0412 399 239

Correspondence to: Tony Murnane Secretary/Treasurer:

Newsletter: Neville Bartlett:

Dear Friends

The July field day started with a gathering opposite the Chiltern Post Office where we met with Jessica
Reid (Area Chief Ranger – Northern Hume – Parks Victoria) and Brian Pritchard (Ranger Team Leader
Beechworth – Parks Victoria) and discussion regarding Working with Children Checks ensued. Everone had a chance to ask questions. More about this matter is included in the Ranger’s Report and Margaret Considine’s WWCC update that follows.
The day’s work featured two planting activities at the Rutherglen Natural features Reserve (RNFR) and the area behind Frogs Hollow off the Chiltern-Barnawartha Road.
The work at the RNFR, led by Jennifer Davidson, started at the Northern end where10 plants were added to an earlier planting. We hope to plant a few White Cypress Pines along the Northern fence over the next few weeks. At the Southern end of the reserve, another 55 shrubs were planted and a number of olives removed with some regrowth flagged for further treatment.

1 - RNFR (Neville) (1650)

Planting and watering at the RNFR. Photos: Neville Bartlett

2 - RNFR (Neville) (1653)

3 - RNFR (Neville) (1654)

At the Frogs Hollow site, about 100 shrubs were planted in pre-excavated holes. Another 20-30 plants will be added later once they are ready to plant out.

4 - Frogs Hollow (Helen Carse)_20220702_160101

Planting near Frogs Hollow. Photo: Helen Carse

5 - Frogs Hollow (Tony Murnane) 20220703_115306

Planting near Frogs Hollow. Photo  Tony Murnane 

6 - Frogs Hollow (Helen Carse)_20220702_161253

7 - Frogs Hollow (Tony Murnane) 20220703_114850

 It has been a bumber year for fungi in parts of the Park.Photos: Helen Carse (L) and Tony Murnane (R)

 8 - Spotted Ladybird larva Harmonia conformis (Neil Blair)


9 - Giant Willow Aphid Tuberolachnus salignus (Neil Blair)

 10 - Common Spotted Ladybird Harmonia conformis (Neil Blair)

Giant Willow Aphid on Black Willow (Salix nigra) – Tuberolachnus salignus – Eileen Collins
This aphid is widely spread in New South Wales and although it is a priority pest it is up to land holders to
control it. It was first detected in Tasmania in 2014 and later in Melbourne and Albury.
In Victoria it has been found in the Kiewa Valley.
Unlike other aphid species which are commonly found on foliage the Giant Willow Aphid attacks the stems of willows. These aphids suck the sap from the host tree and their sticky waste results in a chain of
destructive events. Wasps and other insects are attracted to it. The fleece of sheep that camp under
infested willows is contaminated. The honey of bees feeding on the aphid honeydew cannot be processed as it sets hard and is referred to as “concrete honey”
*The above notes have been condensed from the New South Wales Department of Primary Industries

Aphids are difficult to control with chemicals. However nature has her answer to these pests in many
species of ladybird one of which is the Common Spotted Ladybird (Harmonia conformis). Neil’s trio of
photos above show the large ladybird larva attacking the aphid; the cluster of aphids; the predatory
Large ladybird larva attacking the aphid; the cluster of aphids; the predatory ladybird.
Photos: Neil Blair
These photos have been offered to the NSW Department of Agriculture to add to their website.
Reference: Insects of Australia Zborowski and Storey.

Ranger’s Report – Brian Pritchard

Rangers have shifted our focus to planning our program for the next year which is providing challenges with reduced funding availability. In the Park monitoring and trapping has resulted in capture and destruction of 6 pigs and still more being sighted. Culvert cleaning is continuing in the Pilot Section and replacement of damaged road signage is underway. A compliance operation held recently resulted in several offences being detected and infringement notices issued.
Following up on discussions held at the last activity day we need to ensure that all volunteers working on
PV managed land have a current Working with Children Check recorded on Park Connect.
Whilst Parks Victoria will continue to provide advice and support to groups and individual volunteers to
become compliant in obtaining a WWCC, volunteers who have taken no action to obtain a WWCC are no longer allowed to volunteer on the Parks Victoria estate. Parks Victoria staff will be required to formally request that non-compliant volunteers cease the activity and/or participation on the activity.

Working With Children Update – Margaret Considine

As you can see from the Ranger’s Report above, Parks Victoria is continuing its start on implementing its
policies on volunteers needing to be registered on Parks Connect and having Working With Children
Checks (WWCC). The Friends’ Committee is concerned these requirements could deter volunteer
participation unnecessarily (as we rarely have children at events). We will press on collaborating with the Victorian Environmental Friends Network (VEFN), who is advocating on behalf of its organisations, for a more practical approach to these issues. The Friends’ Committee is still working through how best to help all our members and volunteers to register on Parks Connect and do WWCCs. We will email some guidance within the next week or so. In the meantime, please come along to your next activity, talk to one of the organisers and with our local rangers, and we will try and help individuals through the process. We are particularly after people for our big planting
of 600 trees on Sunday 7th August 2022. Please do not be deterred from coming along as every bit helps our local biodiversity, some of our critters being globally recognised as endangered.
If you have any questions, concerns or need some assistance, please contact us.

Facebook Group Name Change – Neville Bartlett


The ‘friends of Chiltern-Mt Pilot National Park’ Facebook group has changed its name to ‘Chiltern-Mt Pilot National Park News Group’. While the group and the Friends group have always been distinct, this
difference has not always been transparent. While having similar aims, the name change will enable each entity to have differing views on aspects of the Park and conduct its affairs with others in their own way without any confusion. This will also enable each of us as individuals to choose how we contribute to the well-being of the Park.
Mick Webster has done a great job of setting up the Facebook group and building it up to the point where it has over 900 members. There has never been any doubt about Mick’s passion for the Park. The Friends group intends to continue to work in conjunction with the Facebook group as we collectively support a very special Park and its environs.

2022 AGM

The 2022 AGM has been deferred slightly this year and will now take place at the usual time on Saturday 5 th November 2022. It is hoped that it will take the usual format of an afternoon walk followed by a dinner, the AGM and a guest speaker.


June 2022: 80 mm. Total for year-to-date 2022: 514 mm. In 2021 we had 392 mm up to the end of June.
The average annual rainfall for Chiltern is 689 mm.


Our major re-vegetation activity is planned at the Grassland Block.
Bun will be provided as usual.
You will need: digging tools, hammer or mallet, sturdy shoes, gloves, warm clothes, probably rain gear,
water and maybe a snack.
Meet at the Chiltern Post Office at 09:00am.
More details about where to go will be sent out a couple of days beforehand.

Upcoming field days

Saturday 3rd September 2022: wildflower walks and a Wheel Cactus expedition.
Sunday 2 nd October 2022: wildflower walk, wildflower photography and a Wheel Cactus expedition.
Saturday 5th November: reptile walk, dinner, AGM and reptile talk

Dates for 2022-23


For 2022: Sunday 7th August, Saturday 3rd September, Sunday 2 nd October, Saturday 5th November and Sunday 4 th December.

For 2023: Sunday 5th February, Saturday 4th March, Sunday 2nd April, Saturday 6th May, Sunday 4th June,
Saturday 1st July, Sunday 6th August, Saturday 2nd September, Sunday 1st October, Saturday 4th November and Sunday 3rd December 2023.

Rule of Thumb: For even months, the field day is held on the first Sunday of the month and for odd
months, it is held on the first Saturday of the month.

Membership – It’s time to renew


Membership expired on June 30th 2022. Thank you to all who have taken out membership this year. We
hope you will continue your support. Friends have achieved a great deal during the past few years.
Surveys for plants, birds and monitoring, maintaining and surveying mammal boxes, tree planting, weed
control and provision of brochures, interpretive signage and park furniture are just some of our
contributions. Your support for our activities is valued and your membership renewal is important to our
Please ensure your contact details are current.
Please find enclosed my membership of $15 for 2022-23. The fee covers the whole family and includes 11 newsletters.
Name:…………………………………………………………………………………….. Telephone:……………………………………
Email:…………………………………………………………………………………….. Receipt required: Yes / No
Address:…………………………………………………………………………………… Postcode: ……….
If you wish to use electronic payment the details are:
Acc Name: Friends of Chiltern-Mt Pilot National Park
Bank: WAW Credit Union Co-operative Ltd (Cuscal Limited)
BSB number: 803070
Acc number: 81167
Please add your surname to the transaction.
Please advise treasurer, Tony (Email:, when you have made the payment to help us keep track of payments.



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