Friends of Chiltern Mt Pilot NP Newsletter #319 August 2022


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Newsletter: Neville Bartlett:

Dear Friends

The August activity involved the long awaited planting at the Grasslands Block.  This was part of a project funded by Bush for Birds and managed by NECMA (North East Catchment Management Authority) where we aim to improve erosion control in the area near two dams on the North-East section of the block and to plant more shrubs in weedy areas nearby.  Care was taken not to disturb areas where native grasses dominated.  So far 380 plants have been planted out of the planned 600.

    1 - Grasslands Block (1910) (Neville Bartlett)

2 - Grasslands Block (1904) (Neville Bartlett)

   3 - Grasslands Block (1892) (Neville Bartlett)


4 - Grasslands Block (1891) (Neville Bartlett)

Planting activity at Grasslands Block. Photos: Neville Bartlett


 5 - Grasslands Block (1888) (Neville Bartlett)

6 - Grasslands Block (1902) (Neville Bartlett)

Matting has been installed to control erosion. Photos: Neville Bartlett


Bush for Birds Project at the Grasslands Block – Helen Carse

Firstly, thanks to Neville for completing the grant application and for liaising with Parks Victoria and NECMA, and also to Margaret for applying for the required approvals and organizing the contract with David King.

Secondly, thanks to Neville, David, Margaret, Simon, Jenny and Tony for visiting Grasslands on several occasions and planning the sites for erosion control and planting, and for assessing the viability of the species suggested for planting.

Thirdly, thanks to David for organising the materials required for erosion control, doing the work involved and providing plants. Thanks to Margaret, Simon, Tony, and Helen for assisting David, digging holes and organising the plants; Richard for storing the guards and stakes, and Parks Victoria for providing the water and assisting with the planting.

And lastly but not at all least, thanks to everyone for all their work planting. More plants will be planted once they become available from local nurseries.

Images Needed for the 2023 Calendar

It is time to submit images of the Park, flora, fauna and other creatures to be considered for the 2023 calendar. Once again we expect to have a small panel of judges who will decide which images will make up the final selection.  Images can be any aspect of the Park and the nature to be found in it.

The field is wide open as we have featured most of the iconic aspects of the Park in previous years.

There is of room for novel images that capture less well known places and things.

If you have seen particular images, taken in the Park, that have been shown on Facebook or elsewhere, that you particularly like, then please encourage the photographer to submit them for consideration.

If you have any questions, concerns or need some assistance, please contact us.


Tuan Campground – Then and Now – Neville Bartlett

Back in 1995, Friends assisted with the establishment of the Tuan Campground by an initial planting of trees and shrubs. The location had been used for night soil disposal back in its distant past but at the time of the planting the area was a rather desolate and lacking vegetation.

 7 - Tuan Campground 1995 (Eileen Collins)

8 - Tuan Campground 1995 (Eileen Collins)

9 - Tuan Campground 1995 (Eileen Collins)

Activities undertaken in 1995. Photos: Eileen Collins


Then in 2006 and 2007, Friends carried out mulching and a second planting at the site within three enclosures that had been constructed by Parks Victoria.

10 - Tuan Campground 2007 (Eileen Collins)


Mulching and planting in 2007. Photos: Eileen Collins

11 - Tuan Campground 2007 (Eileen Collins)

Now in 2022, the site is hard to recognise with such strong growth and well established trees and shrubs.


 12 - Tuan Campground 2022 (Neville Bartlett)

13 - Tuan Campground 2022 (Neville Bartlett)

The Tuan Campground area in 2022. Photos: Neville Bartlett


Ranger’s Report – Scott Cunningham

This year’s planning is well underway, Bridal Creeper control is scheduled for next month and works to provide better access to Barry Falls will begin once weather permits.  With the continued cold weather we are still experiencing regular firewood theft resulting in multiple infringements over the past month.  Thanks to those that have forwarded information, this together with an extensive network of surveillance cameras is helping to deter and detect.  We will also be conducting extra weekend patrols targeting trail bike riders this spring.

By now, all volunteers wishing to work on the Parks Victoria estate must be registered on Park Connect and have applied for a working with children check.    If any members require additional assistance please get in touch with your committee as soon as possible.

2022 AGM

The 2022 AGM has been deferred slightly this year and will now take place at the usual time on Saturday 5th November 2022. It is hoped that it will take the usual format of an afternoon walk followed by a dinner, the AGM and a guest speaker.

Rainfall  July 2022:  32 mm. Total for year-to-date 2022: 546 mm.
In 2021 we had 511 mm up to the end of July.

The average annual rainfall for Chiltern is 689 mm.


Our September activity will be a flower and bird walk starting from Honeyeater Picnic Area.

Jennifer Davidson will be leading with our support.

We will have 40 Spreading Wattles (Acacia genistifolia) to plant at Grasslands after the walk and morning tea, if anyone wants to come along.

There may be a Wheel Cactus expedition but that has yet to be confirmed.

Bun will be provided as usual.

You may need: digging tools, hammer or mallet, sturdy shoes, gloves, warm clothes, probably rain gear, water and maybe a snack.

Meet at the Chiltern Post Office at 09:00am.

Upcoming field days:

Sunday 2nd October 2022: wildflower walk, wildflower photography and a Wheel Cactus expedition.

Saturday 5th November 2022: reptile walk, dinner, AGM and reptile talk.

Sunday 4th December 2022: end-of-year gathering in the late afternoon/evening.

Dates for 2022-23

 For 2022: Saturday 3rd September, Sunday 2nd October, Saturday 5th November and Sunday 4th December.

For 2023: Sunday 5th February, Saturday 4th March, Sunday 2nd April, Saturday 6th May, Sunday 4th June, Saturday 1st July, Sunday 6th August, Saturday 2nd September, Sunday 1st October, Saturday 4th November and Sunday 3rd December 2023.

Rule of Thumb: For even months, the field day is held on the first Sunday of the month and for odd months, it is held on the first Saturday of the month.

Membership – It’s time to renew

Membership expired on June 30th 2022. Thank you to all who have taken out membership this year. We hope you will continue your support.  Friends have achieved a great deal during the past few years. Surveys for plants, birds and monitoring, maintaining and surveying mammal boxes, tree planting, weed control and provision of brochures, interpretive signage and park furniture are just some of our contributions. Your support for our activities is valued and your membership renewal is important to our cause.

Please ensure your contact details are current.

Please find enclosed my membership of $15 for 2022-23. The fee covers the whole family and includes 11 newsletters.

Name:…………………………………………………………………………………….. Telephone:……………………………………

Email:…………………………………………………………………………………….. Receipt required: Yes / No

Address:…………………………………………………………………………………… Postcode: ……….

If you wish to use electronic payment the details are:

Acc Name: Friends of Chiltern-Mt Pilot National Park

Bank: WAW Credit Union Co-operative Ltd (Cuscal Limited)

BSB number: 803070

Acc number: 81167

Please add your surname to the transaction.

Please advise treasurer, Tony (Email:, when you have made the payment to help us keep track of payments.

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