Dear Friends,

Last meeting, a small band of workers tackled rubbish at Brady’s Reef Bushland Reserve on the Chiltern/Beechworth Road. For those of you who are unfamiliar with this reserve, it is a small roadside reserve dominated by Red Box Eucalyptus polyanthemos and Red Stringybark E. macrorhyncha. There is evidence of surface mining and part of the reserve has been used for road gravel over the years. A section is now used by the Council as a stock pile site. Over the years the reserve has been used as a dumping spot, we found items ranging from vegemite jars, talcum powder tins, bottles, fencing wire, saucepans and the back seat of a car. During morning tea an enormous Wedge-tailed Eagle soared low above us. By lunchtime the small team of workers had created 4 large piles of rubbish, now awaiting collection by Parks Victoria. Uncovered during the day were four or five small skinks – Three-toed Skink Hemiergis decresiensis.

After lunch at Cyanide Dam (Honeyeater Picnic Area) we moved on in search of the Regent Honeyeater. We found very little in flower and no Regents. Good views were obtained of a Yellow-footed Antechinus at Frogs Hollow.

Reminder: write a letter and support the proposed ‘Chiltern-Pilot National Park’. Deadline for submissions on the draft ‘Box-Ironbark Report’ is the 8th of August 2000.


Meet at the Chiltern Post Office at 10:00am

Placing and checking of nest boxes in the Park.

Bring lunch, energy, binoculars and a friend.

Further information contact Jim Blackney on 0357 286 620


Membership Renewal 2000-2001

My cheque or money order for $8.00 is enclosed.




Send to: Friends of Chiltern National Park Inc. PO Box 60, Chiltern VIC 3683

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